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     Our company, "Mir Dezinfektsii", has been making and marketing various types of disinfectants for over 10 years. We develop and produce universal and specialized disinfectants, skin antiseptics and water disinfection tablets and concentration detectors for working solutions.

     Our company is focused on customer needs, enabling us to establish strong partnerships with a wide range of health care providers, and other institutions throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

     Our company uses an innovative technologies and high quality raw materials in the production of disinfectants. Company is using the orderly conduct control of the raw materials input, technological control, as well as control of the final products, which ensures high quality of manufacturing.

     We are certified in accordance with international standards of quality, environment and safety ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001.

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     We ae a partner of the NP "National Organization Disinfectionists"; NP "National Association of Specialists in control of infections associated with medical care" (NP "Nazca"); professional non-profit organization

"All-Russian public organization" Association of Nurses of Russia. "

Our core values are: responsibility, customer focus, innovation and implementation of new ideas and commitment.